-My Philosophy-

Your needs come first
People come to me for help during one of the worst times in their life (after they are injured in an accident); I don’t take this responsibility lightly. Your best interest is behind every thought, decision, and action I take. All of my focus is geared toward getting your life back on track and making sure you have been properly compensated for all your harms and losses (medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, emotional strain, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life).

I’ve been in an accident before and know all the pain, fear, and uncertainty you’re experiencing (After my crash, I felt lost, I didn’t know what to do next, or where to turn, and the insurance company wasn’t much help). I have had friends and family seriously injured and killed in accidents by negligent individuals who weren’t driving responsibly. I’ve been treated unfairly, accused of being dishonest, and taken advantage of by the insurance company of the driver who hit me.  The above circumstances had a big impact on my life and is the reason I went to law school and chose this specific area of the law—car, semi-truck, and motorcycle accidents.

I am grateful that I get to make a difference in my client’s life and help relieve their burden. With me, you’ll get a lawyer who listens, understands, is compassionate, and supportive about your situation. You’ll have my personal number and can contact me anytime. I’ll explain to you the various processes (rental vehicle, replacement vehicle, medical bills, settlement, etc.) of your case and the strategy it takes for you to be successful in your case. I’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure you’re fairly compensated and return to as normal of a life as possible. Call me, even the odds, and put strength in your corner. My goal is for you to take comfort in my abilities, focus on healing, and allow me to exceed your expectations. Call me, Shawn McGinnis; let me show you why I’m the best lawyer to handle your accident case.
Built to win, when it matters most
I exclusively focus only on car, semi-truck, and motorcycle accident law. This allows me to stay on the cutting edge of the law in my field and stay up to date with the ever-changing Utah Auto Law and opposing counsel’s “Insurance defense tactics.” I regularly collaborate and exchange resources with some the most prominent plaintiff attorneys in Utah and throughout the United States.

Because we all pay premiums for vehicle insurance, it’s the insurance company that pays the claim when a driver hits you. Unfortunately, they never pay the true value of the claim because it affects their profits. I have sophisticated systems that present your case in the most persuasive light to maximize your compensation. I understand the insurance company’s playbook, which means I know how to play hard-ball if I need to. I am committed to using all my experience and will exhaust all avenues to get you the best results possible so you can sleep easy and not be worried about what the future holds. Call me, Shawn McGinnis; let me show you why I’m the best lawyer to handle your accident case.
Face to face contact anytime, anywhere
The newest technology now makes it possible for us to communicate face-to-face anytime, anywhere. Technology has made all of our lives easier in a sense. But now, your casework can be handled more efficiently: I can access your files even if I’m not in the office; we can send each other documents without having to meet up the office; case management software has simplified the organization of files and the sending of documents to other parties; complex subject matters can be explained easier in the courtroom; and because I spend less time managing old paper files, I can spend more time working to get you the best results in your case. Call me, Shawn McGinnis; let me show you why I’m the best lawyer to handle your accident case.
Small Firm Service, Big Firm Results
An accident and every stage after the accident is stressful. I am committed to the principle that “your needs come first” which means giving you the highest-quality client experience available and making you feel like family. The goal is to give you all the information you need and to take the actions necessary to relieve your worries and fears. I want to give you the peace of mind that will allow you to focus on healing and getting better while I take care of your case and anticipate your future needs. You are given my direct number and will never have to talk to a receptionist, Para-legal, or have to leave countless messages.

Some attorneys try to handle any legal problem that comes through their door (a jack of all legal trades). You need an attorney who understands that each accident is different, every client has different needs, and every case should be handled with a different skill set. Because I exclusively focus only on accident cases—I have the experience, strategy, and skill it takes to be successful.

You’ve been through enough; I try to make the process as easy as possible. After a free initial consultation, where you tell me all the facts, you will receive an honest evaluation of your case (the pros and cons) and together we’ll determine how we can maximize the strengths of your case and down play its weaknesses. Next, we’ll figure out your best course of action and how I can best tailor my services to meet your needs (I offer fixed fees, contingency fees—you pay nothing until your case settles, and a variety of custom fee arrangements). After this: police reports are ordered; evidence is asked to be saved; multiple documents and communications are sent to both insurance carriers; you are treating at various medical providers; records and bills are ordered; documents and various communications are sent to health care providers; and all the time, we are waiting to see how you fair. After you have completed medical treatment, a specific letter is sent to the insurance company of the person who hit you; detailing everything about your case. Including, what amount is needed to settle your case. They may refuse to pay anything or want to negotiate or want you to get an independent medical exam. Either way, if they don’t want to pay a fair amount, then I file suit, take depositions, hire experts go to trial… This was a simplified version of how it works. Read “Questions you should be asking” to better understand issues may come up at different stages of your case.

Most cases settle without having to go to trial. However, sometimes, the person who hit you or the insurance company doesn’t want to accept responsibility for injuring you and the only tool you may have to hold the person and insurance company responsible for the injuries they caused you is to take them to trial, look them straight in the eyes, and let them know what they did was wrong and you deserve justice.

This is my passion. I bring knowledge and integrity to every case and expect the insurance company to live up to the same standard. If a person unintentionally causes injury to someone else, they should be held accountable to make it up to them. They should not be able to skate by while you had to go through all kinds of medical treatments, suffered in pain, couldn’t sleep, had your life completely turned upside down, and may still have lingering physical problems which may only get worse with age. Call me, Shawn McGinnis; let me show you why I’m the best lawyer to handle your accident case.
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